Alessandro Lorenzi

DevOps Engineer, amateur photographer, boardgamer

Who Am I

I met the programming world when I was 12yo and I loved it! Few years later I started using linux and met the Internet. Since then Computers is a charming world to me.

In my job I emphasize the quality of the results over the fast execution. In particular when I face a new project I study and I weigh alternative decisions before developing the solution.

In my spare time I walk in cities or mountains taking photographs or I play boardgames.


Product Contributor/Platform Engineer @ casavo
Casavo is the first home instant buyer in Europe operating in Italy and Spain.

In Casavo I contribute to manage, develop and monitor the AWS environments and the kubernetes clusters.


Indispensable tools: linux, git, docker

InfraAsACode: Terraform, Ansible, Cloudformation

Coding: 2 years in GoLang (and I love it!); also PHP, Python and a bit of node.

CI: DroneCI, GitHub Actions, Bitbuckt Pipeline

A bit rusty:

Past Occupations


DevOps Engineer @ brumbrum S.p.A. is a ramp up company, we sell renewed cars and long term car rentals.

Our infrastructure is hosted on AWS. We use many AWS services: The workload is mostly on ECS and lambda, data are stored in RDS and S3, the cdn is CludFront we build some services in Codebuild, our data scientists use sagemakers tools and so on.

I configure and manage this infrastructure via Cloudformation.

Our teams develop in PHP, Python, Node and Go and I lead developers to write better code and I help them troubleshoot. When I have to develop a service or a lambda I prefer to develop in Go, I appreciate this language a lot!

2016-2019 DevOps Engineer @ lm-networks
LM-Networks was a cosultancy company.

The main project I was involved in the development of

the infrastructures of the shops online of supermarket chains (MaketSuit by Digitelematica). My responsabilities were mantaining a huge flot of linux servers Ubuntu and CentOS in our datacenter (VmWare) and phisical hosts in stores. Evreything was automated by puppet & monitored by icinga2.

I was involved in other projects hosted in AWS Cloud, Digital Ocean and private infrastructures.

Alongside consultancy we offered web/VPS/mail hosting services.

2015-2016 SRE @neen
Neen is a hosting company specialized in e-commerces with a focus on Magento.

My duty was maintaining everything up and running!

I was also involved in a big migration from puppet 2 to ansible.

2013 RedHat Instructor @ Extraordy
Extraordy is the Red Hat’s training partner in Italy.

I delivered official RedHat courses (RHCSA/RHCE path).

Sometime I’ve done some consultancy on RedHat products, mostly RedHat Enterprise Virtualization.

2010-2012 HP UX/Solaris Systems Engineer (Consultant) @Vodafone IT in Q&A Environment.

My duties were to install Vodafone software on HP UX and Solaris Hosts, and support testers.


2020 First Certificate in English Credential ID B2927646

2013 Red Hat, Inc Credential ID 130-026-164


2006-2011 Università degli Studi di Milano
Bachelor’s degree in computer science


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