Test piwigo

Jekyll plugin to generate thumbnails from a Piwigo gallery and display them with a Liquid tag

  1. Download piwigo from github
    git clone https://github.com/AlessandroLorenzi/piwigo_gallery.git
  2. Drop piwigo_gallery.rb into your Jekyll site’s _plugins folder.
  3. Add the following to your _config.yml and customize to taste.
    baseurl: http://photos.gallery.com/piwigo/
  • baseurl — The URL to your piwigo site.


Jekyll will automatically generate (during builds) thumbnails for any images in the folder specified in _config.yml. To display them in a post, you would use a Liquid tag set up like this:

 {% piwigo_gallery galleryid %}


Jekyll will output some HTML that is (intentionally) similar to what WordPress does for galleries in posts, making it relatively simple to tweak your CSS. It will also add rel attributes to the links, which contain the “galleryname” text as shown in the above example. This makes is easy to integrate a lightbox script like FancyBox.


You can find an example here.